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Why Product Reviews are Important

Are you selling handmade goods online, but don't know how to get more customers to buy your items? It may be that you don't have a lot of good reviews. If you are selling handmade stuff on Etsy, you need to work your reviews.

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Many artisans are not selling their handcrafted goods online. The good thing about today’s technology is that it has created a way for these artisans to reach out to people that are looking for handcrafted items the easy way. They no longer need to look for open markets, fairs and even on open consignment. And as the option for selling online was made for the artisans, the latter do not want to go through the hassle of creating their website, eCommerce platform or apply for a credit card processor so that they can sell their handmade items online. Many eCommerce sites and eBay did help a number of these artisans; Etsy was able to provide a marketplace exclusively for crafting artisans.
Etsy provides every seller to set up their customized shop online already filled with eCommerce capabilities by simply utilizing the set-up wizard. It is the most affordable, fast, easy and most effective way of reaching consumers.

Getting more positive reviews

It would be easy to get positive reviews if all your ideas are in your mind. But when you haven’t tried them out, then there is no purpose at all with selling online. But don’t be too scared about what Etsy has in store for you. The system is created mainly for artisans like you, and just by following their terms and conditions, you will have no trouble at all.

Online reviews can be difficult to acquire since most customers don’t leave reviews that much. Just take a look at Amazon. Their reviews can be too vague. You’d be lucky if a customer gives detail reviews from the moment they received the package up to the time they have used the product they’ve bought.
But Etsy can be a bit different. Though it is true that putting up reviews is the same with other eCommerce sites, what you’ll be after here are more positive reviews. You can never avoid getting negative reviews, but you have to put it up a certain point that there aren’t too many negative than the positive. Having so already spells doom to your business.
So here are some tips that will help you get positive reviews that will yield good sales.

Ensure the photograph of the product is shot at different angles.

As much as possible, provide as many angles if you can. These angles will ensure what kind of product your customer will get once it reaches their place. Some customers have provided feedback that certain products that do not have a back view must be hiding something. This is why it is important that you provide every angle of your handmade product.

Make sure you provide informative description and the exact sizes

You can do this by taking at least 1 picture with the item right next to a very common object, such as a penny or a dollar bill so that you can provide a scale to your product. Even if you have provided the dimensions on everything that you sell, your customers will find it better if they “see” a scale with their own eyes through pictures. This will give them an idea how small or large the item will be when they receive it.

Add some nice note

This means adding some notes to the product that you sell. It doesn’t have to a fancy stationery, but avoid using the sticky note as this will stain the product. It will also reflect the image of your shop, too. A handwritten a note at the bottom of the printed invoice is a good start for you, but adding some stamped card or a bit similar to it will add a special meaning to it.